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"We always have a lovely selection of artisan cheeses, both local favorites and classic imports. These are freshly cut and wrapped each week at our Berkeley location. We like to bring in a unique selection of cheese which we often introduce at our tastings. So make sure you stop by and try a sample of our latest additions and every day favorites!"

~Laura Christensen/A Case for Cheese

Angie Oooh the smell of cheese! If you're going to hang with Angie, you will need to share that appreciation. She's yet to meet a cheese she didn't like, but there are some for which she has a particular affinity. Each cheese has a unique character, ranging from subtle to sublime – in Angie's case, the stinky is often sublime. You will probably catch her serving a wonderful Italian Carboncino or Blu del Moncenisio, their creamy earthiness is incredibly indulgent. The washed rind cheeses definitely fall into the aromatic category, and put a big smile on Angie's face. Some of her favorites are Morbier, and of course, the classic Epoisse. Right now, we have Franklyn's Wash Rind Teleme – a California original, just like Angie!

Pour yourself a glass of wine, and read more about our resident Cheese-ologist, Kelly Christensen, here...

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