The Wine Club

On the 15th of every month, we seek out hot new "steals" in the market, and our members get the first chance to try them out. The Pickpocket and Thieves Gang clubs get a bottle of red and a bottle of white that are new to the shop, and we always give you more than your money's worth.  If you prefer, you can get red or white only (two bottles each) in our middle-tier, the Bandit Gang. Sometimes the wines become part of Wine Club lore, and sometimes your feedback demands that put them into our inventory... you never know!

The Pickpocket Gang
Our most-affordable monthly habit: just $18.99

The Bandit Gang
Two whites or two reds: only $24.99

The Thieves Gang
Our more premium selections: only $30.99

The Embezzlers Gang
Our super-premium tier, and still a value for the quality: only $69.99

Great reasons to join our popular monthly wine clubs:

  1. We provide more extensive background information on cards that you can print out to learn more about your wine club features. Check out this month's version here. Or, you can look up the last 12 months' worth in our Wine Club Archive page.
  2. If you live nearby, you can pickup your wines at either store, and pay NO shipping. Otherwise, we're happy to send them to you via UPS Ground or Golden State Overnight (in CA) at our lower business rates.
  3. ONLY wine club customers are eligible for a discount on our already rock-bottom prices. Any in-store purchase of 12 or more bottles qualifies you for a 10% pre-tax discount. Who's stealing from whom?!?  (Sorry, special orders are not included.)
  4. FNT's (Friday Night Tastings) are free for members and one guest. Throughout the year, we also host a handful of complimentary "themed" tastings exclusively for our club members.  Fun and educational... woo hoo!!
  5. NO HIDDEN FEES: we debit your credit card each month for the amount shown above, plus tax and any applicable shipping charge. We ask for a minimum commitment of three months; but after that, you are welcome to cancel at any time, no questions asked.
  6. This is the perfect gift for your family and friends, clients, or that special treat for yourself.
    Go ahead... you deserve it. But remember, "Shhh... Don't tell your friends!"

To get started:

Print, fill out and mail – or bring in to either store – this enrollment form.

For more information email us at:
or call toll-free: 800-299-9795